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CLEAN BREAK: Working With A Jerk

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Melissa Lafreniere MA, RP, QFAS is no stranger to CleanBreak The Podcast, having been a guest on the show several times in the past. Today she joins Darren to discuss her presentation about something that many of us are familiar with: working with a jerk! Melissa takes the time to point out that there are various subjective factors that can determine how we feel after leaving an interaction with someone, such as: are they too similar to ourselves and are mirroring things that we may not particularly like about our personalities, or is their personality and the way they navigate the world completely foreign to ourselves. So while we may not collaborate well with someone, it does not always mean that there is a pathological reason for that – it could be as simple as the way that we perceive and handle situations are different. Do you tend to have the same type of conflicts with the same types of people? Does it seem like a pattern? Understanding how you manage the response that others elicit in you is important, especially so when we approach interactions through the lens that all events are neutral until we apply individual significance to them. Melissa references the DISC personality types as a great resource to deepen our understanding on where our intersections lie in regards to our own personalities, and how this will influence the perception that we will have of others depending on their intersections. Approaching communication, and potentially conflict, with differing personality types with empathy and compassion is an invaluable skill which will greatly improve every one of our working or personal relationships.

Melissa is launching her new website early March 2022 for Sandbox Family Solutions – . She can also be reached through LinkedInFacebook for AltDivorce, or You can also find Melissa at Collaborative Practice Ottawa and alongside all of our life transition professionals here on

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