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Top 5 reasons for divorce in Canada

5 reasons for divorce in Canada

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There are many reasons why people get divorced in Canada. While it varies from case to case here are a few of the top reasons in the country that people get divorced.


Money tends to be the TOP stressor in most relationships. According to a poll done by the Bank of Montreal 68 per cent of those surveyed say that fighting over money was the top reason for their divorce.
This can happen when two people don’t see eye to eye about money. If budgets are not followed and there isn’t money to support children or pay basic living expenses this can cause a lot of stress in a relationship. Also, if one person is a spender and the other values saving money this can also cause marital issues.


Infidelity is also one of the top reasons people get divorced. People cheat for different reasons but it is often caused by underlying issues like anger, resentment, or different sexual appetites.
Divorces that are caused by infidelity are often messy because there is a lot of hurt and blame involved. The spouse who has been cheated on can harbour a lot of feelings of resentment and may feel the need to get back at their spouse who has hurt them.

Lack of connection

Sometimes, when the initial feelings of romance fade away, couples realize that they aren’t really on the same page when it comes to life goals and direction. When spouses don’t see eye to eye on things this can lead to friction in the marriage. It can also cause feelings of frustration and resentment between spouses when they realize that they are not on the same page, especially when the lack of compatibility causes the inability to communicate properly and make decisions as a couple.

Growing apart

This often happens when spouses don’t learn how to communicate properly. People change throughout their lives and if a couple isn’t constantly growing and changing together they can find themselves growing apart. It is not uncommon for couples to realize that after a few years of being married they are living completely separate lives.

Domestic abuse

Statistics show that there are over 40,000 arrests due to domestic violence in Canada. Alcohol or drugs are present in many of these cases. Although it is not at the top of the list of reasons people get divorced it definitely isn’t uncommon.
A lot of couples will attend marriage counseling to try and rectify some of the marital issues listed above. While this helps many couples in some situations the relationship may not be able to be salvaged. It is important that in these cases you talk to a lawyer and know your rights. Check out our directory to find a quality family lawyer in your area.

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