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Real Estate: The benefits of a pre-listing inspection

pre-listing inspection

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People often ask whether it is beneficial to have a pre-listing inspection when they are selling their home. While it is not a requirement, the benefits of having someone look at your home before it goes on the market are numerous. Why wait until someone is interested in buying your home to find out there is something wrong with it? Here are a few key reasons why having a pre-listing inspection can help ensure any offers on your house go off without a hitch.

Many deals make or break with the home inspection

During a real estate transaction, the home inspection is usually one of the last components. The deal is contingent on the home inspection and whether or not the inspector finds any “deal breakers” in the house. Having your house inspected pre-listing will make sure there are no surprises that you have to deal with during the stressful process of a real estate sale. Knowing what is hidden in the bowels of your house will allow you to rectify any issues before the house goes on the market and eliminate any nasty surprises when someone expresses interest in buying the property.

Home inspectors can help sell your home

A home inspector is also trained to give homeowners tips and ideas about things in the home to make it more marketable. This can range anywhere from fixing cracks in the paint to ensuring that downspouts are far enough away from the foundation. Remember, home inspectors look around homes all the time and they see which houses sell and which don’t. You can tap in to their knowledge and ensure that your house is as attractive as possible when it goes on the market.

The buyer has the option of an onsite review

If there has been a pre-listing inspection the potential buyer can ask for something called an onsite review. This is usually available at a reduced cost to the buyer and provides them with a completed inspection report and creates a contractual relationship between them and the inspection company. This is a great thing to be able to offer potential buyers because it means that:

a) they don’t have to spend the time finding and scheduling their own home inspection and,

b) it saves them money.

With an onsite review you also eliminate the risk of having conflicting information that makes the transaction more complicated.

Considering that the average cost of a home these days is about $400,000, hiring a certified home inspector to do a pre-listing inspection is a small price to pay for the piece of mind that an offer will not fall through due to something that turns up last minute. A pre-listing inspection also lets you know where your house may fall short and gives you the opportunity to tweak it to look it’s best before it hits the market.

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