Hiding assets during divorce

When a marriage breaks down one of the first things to go is trust. When there is mistrust in a marriage it is not uncommon for the two people to hide things like assets from each other. This can be serious during a divorce because the Family Law Act dictates that each spouse must disclose […]

CLEAN BREAK: A Year In Review

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Join Clean Break hosts Daren Givoque and Tina Murray as they look back on the first year of DivorceNet and look forward to what is to come!

CLEAN BREAK: Let’s talk law

Daren and Tina interview Kemptville/Cornwall-based lawyer Tom Byrne about all things legal having to do with divorce. Tom delves into the difference between separation for married and common law couples and answers all the burning questions about the intricacies of the law when it comes to divorce in Ontario.

How to help kids cope with divorce

Talking to your kids about divorce

Any change is stressful, for both adults and kids. The degree of impact may differ, but the effect of change is the same. It is important to keep in mind that kids express their stress through their behaviour. Being able to know you’re experiencing an emotion, labelling that emotion, and expressing it in words are […]

Clean Break: Finances, Accounting and Divorce

Talk taxes, divorce planning and the dreaded CRA on this episode of Clean Break featuring Chartered Professional Accountant Marg Egan. Marg delves into the world of accounting and divorce, informing our hosts, Daren Givoque and Tina Murray, about potential pitfalls and tips and tricks when it comes to managing your money.

Clean Break: Wills, Powers of Attorney and Divorce

Clean Break with Connie Lamble

Join Clean Break’s dynamic duo Deron Givoque and Tina Murray as they delve into the world of wills, estates and real estate law with lawyer Connie Lamble. Connie answers all the burning questions about how to deal with wills, powers of attorney and real estate when you get divorced. She also outlines some of the […]