Tax Tips: What you need to know about divorce and taxes

Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes. Nothing is more true, especially when navigating the complex and emotionally charged world of divorce. There are many tax implications that you need to watch out for both during the equalization process and after you and your partner have separated. Here are a few things you […]

Real Estate and Divorce: Buying, Selling, Renting

There are many things to consider when going through a divorce. It is a major life change that is emotionally charged, making decisions about the future even more difficult. One of the most important things to look at during a separation or divorce is where you are going to live once you are split from […]

Prenups in Ontario: What you need to know

Talking about money is not an easy thing when it comes to relationships. It becomes especially complicated when two people have different ideas about money or one has more than the other. When a couple is ready to take the next step by getting married or moving in together the topic of a prenup may […]

Money Matters: How to keep financial issues from ruining a relationship

Financial problems are the leading cause of relationship breakdown. In fact, a Bank of Montreal poll found that fighting over money was the top reason for divorce among Canadians, even ahead of infidelity. A recent BDO Canada poll found that many Canadians are hiding financial secrets from their partners. In a world that survives on […]

CLEAN BREAK: Self Defence is for EVERYONE

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Beth and Rob are back on the Clean Break Podcast with hosts Daren & Tina to talk about Stress Safe Self Defence course and how this program is for everyone. Beth and Rob get real about how this program can change a person, help them feel empowered and safe and go deep into defending yourself […]

CLEAN BREAK: Supporting your relationship during Covid-19

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Our guest today is Katie Cassidy, a Registered Psychotherapist from the Kemptville Stress Relief Centre, and she’s with us to sit down and share what she is seeing as a therapist through Covid-19, and provides some advice to couples that may be experiencing some difficulties while isolating at home.  You can find Katie among other […]

CLEAN BREAK: Confronting grey divorce with Vickie Townson

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Vickie Townson from Life’s New Chapter Coaching is on the Clean Break Podcast today to chat about grey divorce, how to work through a mid-life divorce and how a coach can help you through this difficult time.  Find Vickie Townson at You can find more divorce professionals here on  Click our ** […]

CLEAN BREAK: Cohabitation Agreement and the challenges that can/came up

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Recently divorced, Tina’s good friend Jen joins us to talk about her cohabitation prenup, the process and difficulties that can come up through her divorce. Tina brings up the hard questions… what went wrong?  For more information about the Divorce Professionals in your area, please check your divorce professionals here on the DivorceNet website!! Find […]