CLEAN BREAK: Alternative Divorce – Mediation with Nathalie Picard

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Nathalie Picard joins our cohosts Daren Givoque and Tina Murray to chat about mediation and alternatives to “traditional” divorce.  Nathalie is the co-founder of Alt Divorce and is an experienced family lawyer, accredited mediator and collaborative practitioner. She is a “divorce lawyer with a difference” whose focus is on non-adversarial divorce and keeping her clients out of […]

CLEAN BREAK: Separation Is Allowed To Be Hard with Meagan Cumming

Moving forward after separation or divorce

*The audio in this episode is a bit choppy in some areas – our best efforts have been made to accommodate for this*  Hosts Daren Givoque and Tina Murray are joined today by guest Meagan Cumming. The conversation focuses on the emotional toll of divorce, and Meagan discusses how regardless of the reason for the […]

CLEAN BREAK: Life Insurance Policies with Kimberley Smith

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Kimberley Smith has over 20 years of experience as an insurance advisor and has recently become a member of Divorce Net.  Today she joins our hosts Tina and Daren to chat about all things life insurance, such as the benefits of joint versus separate life insurance policies for spouses. Find Kimberley on DivorceNet and at www.kimberleysmith.caPhone: 613-818-0278Email: Looking […]

The three legal grounds for divorce in Canada

grounds for getting divorced

There are many reasons why people get divorced in Canada. According to a poll by the Bank of Montreal 68 per cent of those surveyed say fighting over money caused dissolution of their marriage. Other reasons include infidelity, falling out of love and domestic abuse. While every couple has their own reasons for deciding to […]

CLEAN BREAK: Horse Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma with Amber Denis

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Amber Denis is the owner of Equi-Soul and is a certified Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach and Facilitator. She sits down with Daren Givoque & Tina Murray to discuss the incredible benefits of equine therapy, and how horses can help us become more self-aware, confident, and trusting. Amber’s work is primarily with women and young teen girls […]

CLEAN BREAK: What Are You Missing When It Comes To Taxes with Cathy Sheppard

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Cathy Sheppard of Sheppard & Associates Ltd. returns to Clean Break alongside Daren & Tina to provide insight into the world of taxes and the Canada Revenue Agency. When is the recommended time to inform the CRA that you are separating and why? Can you still share a house with your ex-partner once you are divorced? Who […]

CLEAN BREAK: Helping Families through divorce with Jennifer Reynolds

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Jennifer Reynolds from Fresh Legal is our guest this week on the DivorceNet podcast, Clean Break, with hosts Daren Givoque and Tina Murray!We talk about working with families through a divorce without stepping into the courtroom, with mediation and collaborative law. Jennifer has been working in family law for 12 years and opened her law […]

CLEAN BREAK: Family Law with Tanya Parker Wallace

Moving forward after separation or divorce

The discussion dives right into litigation versus mediation and collaborative law, and how it all works with Tanya from Parker Wallace Family Law. Daren and Tina loved the discussion about family law with Tanya, talking about the differences and how it would benefit the client and types of situations. We talk cost, lawyers and more! […]

How to budget for a divorce

Budgeting for a divorce

Budgets are important no matter what life stage you are at. Any financial adviser, accountant or even your own mother will tell you that having an idea about what your expenses are and where your money is going is imperative to ensuring financial security. When it comes to divorce, sitting down and figuring out how […]