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CLEAN BREAK: Retirement and Finding Your Purpose

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Daren and Tina are behind the mic today for CleanBreak, The Podcast’s 100th episode! They are joined by Dr. Riley Moynes to chat about a life transition that happens to 10,000 people a day in North America: Retirement. Dr. Moynes moved into the world of financial services after spending over 2 decades in public education, and he has recently authored and published the book The Four Phases of Retirement. He, Daren, and Tina discuss the often overlooked psychological considerations and changes that happen during retirement, and what can be done to make this transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. Most people only think about the financial aspect of retirement, focusing on what they will do now that they have perhaps more free time and less commitments; but what if we told you that this phase only lasts on average 3 years? How do we navigate the rest of the almost ⅓ of our life, ensuring that we feel fulfilled and purposeful? Dr. Riley Moynes sheds some light on how we can make that happen.

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