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Done with This!

Your Practical Guide to Separation and Divorce in Canada

Written by Daren Givoque, CDFA

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If you are someone who is going through separation and divorce my hope is that you find this book to be a much-needed support and resource as you go through the process. If you don’t ‘see yourself’ or your particular situation in this book, I hope that you will make at least use of the resources I have included. My goal from the beginning has always been to help make divorce just a little less difficult and hopefully this book will lay out the process in a way that is easy to digest and useful during a very stressful and emotional time.   


Navigating Selling Through Separation

Straight Forward Real Estate Advice for Uncoupling

Written by Adam Mills

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Selling a home is always emotional. When separating couples are preparing to sell, stress and emotions compound exponentially. As a Realtor who builds long-term client relationships, Adam Mills knows that couples navigating separation need compassion, clarity and results from their real estate team. With this knowledge and his belief that informed clients are more likely to achieve their selling goals, Adam has written the practical, Canadian-based guide Navigating Selling Through Separation.


The Four Phases Of Retirement

What To Expect When You're Retiring

Written by Riley E. Moynes

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If you’re not retired, this handy guide will show you what to expect. If you are retired, it’ll help you sort out the changes and challenges you’ll face.

Inside you’ll learn about:

  • The Four Phases of Retirement

  • The Five Unavoidable Losses

  • The Brain and the Bicycle

  • Your Unique Ability

  • The “Sweet Spot”



Piecing Together the Retirement Living Industry

Written by Amy Friesen

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I often hear “I’m going out feet first” from seniors I have been asked to consult with!

Knowing which strategies and when to use them is important when dealing with all things retirement living.

In these pages you will gain knowledge about the retirement living industry, and learn from real life examples of our clients situations and how they overcame the same objections you are facing.

My Support Calculator

Canada’s only accurate online child & spousal support calculator available to the public. Uses the same software trusted by judges and lawyers.

Child Support Information

Both parents have a responsibility to financially support their children. Ministry of the Attorney General provides a complete breakdown to help you navigate.

Gov’t of Canada Credit Card Payment Calculator

Calculate how much it really costs you when you only make the minimum payment on your credit card.

Gov’t of Canada Mortgage Qualifier Tool

Not sure if you have enough money to buy the property you want given your new financial state?

Gov’t of Canada Mortgage Calculator

This calculator determines your mortgage payments and gives you a schedule.

Free Estate Planning Toolkit

Everything you need to keep your estate information up to date!

Tax Calculators and Rates

Get Smarter About Money