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Create your Vision Board

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Divorce is a huge life transition. It can be difficult to envision what your life will be like without your ex once the divorce is finalized. What are your goals, hopes and dreams for the future? How can you make them happen?

A vision board is a great way to transform your dreams into reality. When you constantly see your aspirations in front of you, it’s a reminder of what you will achieve with all your hard work. Even if arts and crafts aren’t your jam, there are some big steps you can take to visualize your dreams without breaking out the scissors and glue. Choose a medium, then follow these tips for your vision board and bring your dreams to life!

What is a vision board?

 A vision board is a collection of pictures, images and affirmations that depict your dreams and desires. It is designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation to move towards your goals. A good vision board could show your: dream job, dream vacation, family goals, career goals, personal aspirations or health and exercise goals.

How does it work?

Actively seeing these dreams is a regular reminder of what you are working to achieve. Avoid images that discourage you, or make you feel like you’re not good enough. They should inspire you, not bring you down!

What do you need?

Lots of materials can serve as a blank canvas for your vision board. Blank poster board, a large piece of paper or cardstock, corkboard, blank art book, scrapbook or desktop screensaver are all good options.

Next you want to find your pictures. Scan through magazines, newspapers, Google Images, and social media (Pinterest and Instagram work well) for inspiring images. You might even include fun retail tags, business cards or personal photos. The possibilities are endless!

Keep it where you will see it

Hang it near your desk at work or on your bedroom or living room wall. You can also store it somewhere safe so you can take it out whenever you need a bit of inspiration. If you’re not crafty creating your vision board on the computer and using it as your desktop screensaver or background is also a great option.

Remember, your board is meant to serve as a great source of motivation when you are feeling discouraged in work or life. It is a powerful tool and a great gift to give yourself, especially when going through tough life transitions like divorce or separation.

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