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CLEAN BREAK: Real Estate and Gen Z

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For our episode this week Daren is joined by Curtis Murray to talk about getting into the real estate market as part of the younger generation. Curtis became a mortgage agent after seeing the success that his mum (or co-host Tina!) had in the business and knowing that at this point in his life going to university or college wasn’t the right path. Curtis has been working alongside Tina as her assistant and is also growing his own client base as a licensed mortgage agent with Dominion Lending. It is difficult for a lot of folks, regardless of age bracket, to invest in real estate at the moment due to the increasing cost of not only purchasing a home, but interest rates as well; Curtis and Daren chat practical approaches to making home ownership more attainable including some unconventional solutions like purchasing a home with more than 2 parties involved. Investing in property isn’t something that needs to wait until you are in your 40s or 50s – there are ways in which the younger generation can break into this market too!

Find Curtis on Instagram at @curtmurray02, on Facebook, or on LinkedIn. You can also find him and alongside Tina on Facebook at Tina Murray Mortgages
Find Tina on Instagram @ivegotamortgageforthat or her website

Our hosts: Daren Givoque and Tina Murray

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