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CLEAN BREAK: How to manage our emotions and mental health under a crisis

Moving forward after separation or divorce

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Clean Break hosts Daren & Tina welcome Jackie Schoemaker Holmes, PhD to the podcast today! Jackie focuses on helping women and mothers to reclaim their time, helping them prioritize and recentre themselves in their lives. 

Life hasn’t stopped is Covid-19 hit the world, so how do we cope with what is happening among everything else in your life? Jackie touches on ways to help hold on to ourselves, recognize we will go to the worst-case scenario and most importantly, recognize that we are grieving and how to deal with that. 

She reminds us to allow yourself space and room to breath. 

What do we need? Comfort. Connection. Treat yourself as you are deserving of this! 

Jackie dives into how to help yourself heal through, tools to help stay strong and manage your personal events while facing the challenges of this world right now and all the emotions that go with it. 

Thank you to Jackie Schoemaker Holmes for joining us on the Clean Break Podcast. Find her on Facebook, her website and Instagram

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