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CLEAN BREAK: Insight Mediation – How To Emotionally Get Through Divorce with Melissa Lafreniere

Moving forward after separation or divorce

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Daren Givoque and Tina Murray are joined again this week with Melissa Lafreniere. Melissa is a psychotherapist, parent coordinator, and owner of True North Mediation – Child-Focused Divorce Mediation and Consulting. Melissa coaches her clients on communication, how to process how they feel about what is going on, and how to emotionally get through their divorce. This week’s episode focuses on Melissa’s work as a family neutral, and what that means in relation to coaching families through divorce. The three discuss the spectrum of divorce proceedings – from uncontested to adversarial and explain where a mediator would best fit on that spectrum and how, as a family neutral, they advocate for all parties involved to obtain the best resolution possible. 

Find Melissa Lafreniere at True North Mediation or through the Divorce Net website. Melissa is currently operating remotely, allowing her to expand her reach with her clients. She can be reached at 613-795-8720

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