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CLEAN BREAK: Done with This!: Your Practical Guide to Separation and Divorce in Canada with Daren Givoque

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Our hosts are switching things up today with Tina jumping into the role of solo host and Darren as podcast guest! Darren released the book Done with This!: Your Practical Guide to Separation and Divorce in Canada in March 2022 after being inspired over the previous 3 years of cultivating relationships through CleanBreak. He found that there was a gap in the market with what resources were available to folks going through this process. After a lot of research, Darren noticed that nothing out there offered concise, digestible, and practical information on all of the aspects that are important when it comes to a separation – so Daren produced exactly that! From start to finish, Done With This! will act as your guide through it all.

About the book: If you are someone who is going through separation and divorce my hope is that you find this book to be a much-needed support and resource as you go through the process. If you don’t ‘see yourself’ or your particular situation in this book, I hope that you will make at least use of the resources I have included. My goal from the beginning has always been to help make divorce just a little less difficult and hopefully this book will lay out the process in a way that is easy to digest and useful during a very stressful and emotional time.

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