CLEAN BREAK: Deciding Spousal Support Entitlement with Nathalie Picard

CLEAN BREAK: Deciding Spousal Support Entitlement with Nathalie Picard

Hosts Daren Givoque and Tina Murray are joined again this week with Nathalie Picard. Together they discuss how spousal support entitlement is determined, the SSAGs (Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines), and how the rule of 65 works. 

Nathalie is the co-founder of Alt Divorce and is an experienced family lawyer, accredited mediator and collaborative practitioner. She is a “divorce lawyer with a difference” whose focus is on non-adversarial divorce and keeping her clients out of the courtroom. Unlike traditional divorce, the advanced mediation process aims to find a good outcome for both parties without assigning a winner and a loser. The Alt Divorce Way sees that clients are supported by a team of diverse family professionals, each with a specific skill set and focus, in order to achieve the best outcome for all parties involved – including children.

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