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CLEAN BREAK: Building Relationships and Taking Care of People [Episode #81 re-release]

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Our episodes age like fine wine! We spoke with Patrick McGarry around this time last year – tune in for a re-release of Episode #81 Building Relationships and Taking Care of People, originally released on October 26, 2021!

Daren and Tina are joined today by a guest new to the show: Patrick McGarry. Patrick McGarry is the Chief Operating Officer and Funeral Director at Hulse, Playfair & McGarry Funeral & Cremation Services and he sits down with our hosts to bring some light and levity to a topic that tends to be a bit more serious. Funeral homes were not spared from having to pivot over the last 19 months, and Patrick shares some of the ways that his industry is working to still be there for families and offer structure and support. Have you given any thought to pre-planning your funeral service? If not, this episode will give you something to think about.

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