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CLEAN BREAK: Aging Gracefully, Tea and Toast

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Daren sits down today to chat with Amy Friesen, CEO and founder of Tea and Toast, about the life transition that we all hope to go through – aging. Amy and her team at Tea and Toast facilitate the transition into retirement and aging gracefully by helping their clients determine their needs and wants for the future and how to ensure that those factors are met. Over the last 8 years Amy has been working to close the retirement living knowledge gap by assisting caregivers and retirees make informed and educated decisions when choosing what the next transition in their life looks like. Most people choose their retirement home based on the fact that it is in their area, or that they have seen it driving by, but what if that home does not have the level of care that may be needed in the future? Perhaps it has been advertised as an “assisted living facility”, but what does that mean for this particular establishment? The team at Tea and Toast are there to act as brokers to help navigate these questions, and any others that may come up, with a compassionate and considerate approach.

Amy Friesen is the author of Breadcrumbs, Piecing Together the Retirement Industry and the host of the podcast Artful Aging With Amy.

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(Please be advised that there are some technical difficulties at minute 1:45 to 2:00 in this episode)

Our hosts: Daren Givoque and Tina Murray

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