CLEAN BREAK: Take The Time To Travel with Jan Wood

Our hosts Daren Givoque and Tina Murray are joined today by Jan Wood. Jan is a travel consultant with Lise Travel Boutique based in Kingston, Ontario. She works with her clients to create a trip that is as unique as they are all while taking away all of the stress involved! Whether you’ve been drawn […]

CLEAN BREAK: Equine Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma [Ep 62 re-release]

Episode #62 rerelease: Equine Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma with Amber Denis. We are going back to April 20, 2021, to discuss how horses can help those with PTSD, anxiety, and more! Amber Denis is the owner of Equi-Soul and is a certified Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach and Facilitator. She sits down with Daren Givoque & […]

CLEAN BREAK: Pivoting, Painting, and Reclaiming Your Space with Tonya McRae

Daren and Tina are joined today by Tonya McRae of Kemptville Painting. Tonya is the owner and operator of Kemptville Painting, a residential and commercial painting business. Physically changing your environment to create a vision that is truly yours can be a tangible way to document a big life transition and Tonya helps her clients […]

CLEAN BREAK: Mindfulness and Meditation with Justin Ralph

Justin Ralph is Chief of Staff at Tergar International, a not for-profit meditation community grounded in the Tibetan Buddhist lineage. Justin joins our hosts Daren and Tina in the studio today to discuss the many benefits of, and some of the science behind, meditation. Meditation came into Justin’s life after a decade spent in the performing arts […]

CLEAN BREAK: Not Planning Ahead Is Not Worth It with Connie Lamble

Our hosts Daren Givoque and Tina Murray are joined today by Connie Lamble. Connie is a proud mom, wife, and daughter who pivoted her career at 40 by going to law school and now practices out of The Law Office of Connie Lamble. If you’ve never given a thought about delegating a power of attorney or […]

CLEAN BREAK: A Light in Your Darkest Time [Episode #12 re-release]

Episode #12 rerelease: Tune in for a re-release from the CleanBreak archives! This info-packed episode was one of our earlier ones, but has just as much to offer listeners today as it did when it was originally published on September 19, 2018! Natalie Carrière is a registered psychotherapist and owner of The Lighthouse (Le Phare) Counselling […]

CLEAN BREAK: Cohabitation Agreement and the Challenges That Can/Came Up

Episode #41 rerelease: Tune in for a re-release from the CleanBreak archives! This episode was originally published on January 15 2020. Recently divorced, Tina’s good friend Jen joins us to talk about her cohabitation prenup, the process and difficulties that can come up through her divorce. Tina brings up the hard questions… what went wrong? […]