(Video) When One side knows more

Divorce is not always a two-person decision. What happens when one person springs a divorce on the other? Daren Givoque, a Certified Divorce Financial Advisor from O’Farrell Financial and Chair of DivorceNET talks about the need for reliable advice when you need it fast.

CLEAN BREAK: Maintaining the Family Unit in Separation and Divorce with Melissa Lafreniere

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Melissa Lafreniere is a psychotherapist, parent coordinator, and owner of True North Mediation – Child-Focused Divorce Mediation and Consulting. She joins our hosts Daren Givoque and Tina Murray to discuss setting yourself up for the best separation possible in relation to co-parenting and maintaining a solid family unit. Ensuring that the kids are well protected during […]

CLEAN BREAK: I’ve Got A Mortgage For That! with Tina Murray

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Tina adopts the role of podcast guest today as she and Daren discuss her experience working as a mortgage broker and what she has seen in her over 20 years in the business of helping couples and individuals purchase their homes. Tina emphasizes the difference between what someone qualifies for versus what they can afford, as […]

CLEAN BREAK: Divorce Takes A Team with Cindy Stibbard

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Cindy Stibbard joins our hosts Daren and Tina to discuss changing the experience of divorce.  Cindy is an online divorce coach based out of Vancouver who helps clients across the country through her company Divorce Redefined. She began her work as a divorce coach after her own divorce experience and aims to help others through the […]

CLEAN BREAK: Deciding Spousal Support Entitlement with Nathalie Picard

Moving forward after separation or divorce

Hosts Daren Givoque and Tina Murray are joined again this week with Nathalie Picard. Together they discuss how spousal support entitlement is determined, the SSAGs (Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines), and how the rule of 65 works.  Nathalie is the co-founder of Alt Divorce and is an experienced family lawyer, accredited mediator and collaborative practitioner. She is a “divorce lawyer […]