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3 signs your marriage may not be working

When to get a divorce

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It is not unusual for people to hide their heads in the sand when it comes to the reality of a failed relationship. Deciding when to get a divorce is not easy and comes with significant heartbreak and emotional upheaval, no matter how unhappy the marriage has become. It is difficult for many people to realize when it is time to pull the plug, especially if they have been in an unhappy marriage for a long time. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that getting a divorce may be the best option for you and your partner.

No communication

Communication is a key component to any relationship. It ensures that you grow together as a couple rather than apart. While it is normal for communication in a relationship to go through peaks and valleys it becomes a problem if you or your spouse are not willing to work things out when you are going through a tough time. Often one spouse is present, while the other is starting to pull away and is not willing to talk it out either one on one or in therapy. It takes effort from both parties to move on from a communication breakdown and if one or both people are not willing to put in the work, it doesn’t bode well for the future of the relationship.

Sex life is non-existent

Lacking intimacy in a marriage is a sign that things are not working out. It is especially damaging if one spouse desires intimacy and the other does not. Feeling rejected by the person that is supposed to love you unconditionally can be hard to come back from. Although problems in the bedroom can be rectified through therapy, both parties need to be in a place where they want to re-kindle the love they once felt for each other. If not, getting a divorce is an option that should be considered.

You or your spouse are looking for love elsewhere

Cheating is a common reason for divorce. Looking for love elsewhere can be as simple as being a little more flirtatious or as serious as entering a physical or emotional relationship with someone who isn’t your spouse. Cheating is something that is hard to come back from especially since it usually means that the person who is being unfaithful has already checked out of the relationship. While these issues can sometimes be rectified through therapy it is grounds for considering divorce.

These are all signs that divorce could be on the table. While therapy is always an option, it doesn’t work for everyone, especially if one or both spouses don’t want to do the work. Often getting a divorce is the best option rather than staying in an unhappy marriage.

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