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For Business Catagories that are Divorce Professionals
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  • Exclusive Marketing Programs & Discounts
  • Attend Monthly Network Meetings


Any Business that wants to market to our readers
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  • Can Attend Monthly Networking Meetings
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Build an exclusive membership of regional business leaders who, for the mutual benefit of the individuals and the group, respect our principles to create a central network to help divorcing families find the right advice.


DivorceNet is a group of local business leaders who
• Meet on a regular basis
• Share ideas and knowledge openly
• Grow their business through partnerships and referrals


Respect: We value each member’s time and show genuine interest in their business.
Integrity: We value straight talk and look to make positive contributions to the group and the clients we serve.
Dependability: We say what we are going to do and deliver what we said.
Accountability: We are responsible for cultivating honest and positive relationships with our members & clients.

Information about Joining the Cleanbreak

Benefits Of DivorceNet Membership

We create an environment for users to find great advice, and our members to deliver it. And if you are not good at marketing, or content writing, we have the people and tools in house to help!

Networking & Business Development

Members meet through in-person chapter meetings and through virtual communities. You will be introduced to divorce professionals in a variety of disciplines to share knowledge and best practices, build your client base, and advocate for the profession. You will be included in a members-only DivorceNet directory that is available to consumers and other professionals seeking experts in the field.

Access to Exclusive Marketing Programs

We put all member fees directly back into creating benefits for our members.

Advocacy & Outreach

Our members are committed to spreading the word about the positive work all divorce professionals are contributing to society. DivorceNet members have personalized collateral materials that can be used to educate consumers, clients, and colleagues on the work of the DivorceNet and their specific profession.  You will also have a unique badge to use on your own website, newsletter, or other communications signifying you are investing in your profession and development as a DivorceNet member.

Terms and Conditions

For joining members: Becoming a member grants you access to the member directory, and to participate in marketing programs of DivorceNet. Membership does not grant rights or privileges on how the company of DivorceNet is run. DivorceNet’s executive board has sole discretion over membership, advertising, and can remove members without notice or compensation for any reason it deems appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

The divorce professional is the premium core membership for the following business categories:

1. Accountants
2. Family Lawyers
3. Real Estate Lawyers
4. Mediators
5. Financial Planners
6. Real Estate Agents
7. Psychotherapists
8. Mortgage Agents
9. Life Insurance Advisors*
10. Debt Councillors & Trustees

Associate members may opt to become Divorce Professionals, on a case by case basis. Contact our membership coordinator at for more info! 
*We have a specific category for General Home and Auto Insurance Agents as an associate.

All payments are done through PayPal through this site. You can pay manually every year, or you can opt auto-renew for your convenience. 
You will receive a notification for renewal 30 days before your membership expires.

A business professional not directly known for working with or specializing in helping divorcing clients but whose advice may be required before during or after the divorce process, can either have a premium listing or if they want to partake in the business networking, can become an Associate Member, at a reduced cost.

Mechanics, Trades Professionals, Life coaches, Employment Temporary Services, Business Evaluators, Support services, Auto & Home Insurance Agents, Fitness Professionals, Any Profession that has an interest in marketing themselves to the divorcing segment. 

Attendance is encouraged, but not mandatory. It is up to individual members to make full use of the member benefits.

Not at all!  While referrals from other business professionals will definitely happen in this group, we are not a referral network. Our purpose is to create an environment for divorce professionals to learn, grow and thrive, and to have a place for our clients to find trusted businesses to help them through a stressful time in their lives.